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Restaurant Crystal Clean

Professional Wine Glass and Crystal Cleaner

reviews & testimonials


"We use RCC every day on our
Riedel & Spiegelau glasses. We've
been using it since 2002. RCC pays for
itself. It saves us time & money.
And our customers love the way
our glasses look & their wines taste."
- Dan Smith, Chef-Owner
John Andrews Restaurant est. 1990
South Egremont Massachusetts



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Courtesy Gilmor GlassWorks

  "We use it on all our blown and handmade
glass pieces. It's terrific. I reccomend it highly."
~ Jan Gilmor, Gilmor Glassworks
- Millerton, NY



Everybody Raves!

"Recently, I was at a Bordeaux tasting in LA.
We were just starting a new flight with 'fresh' glasses. A guy three seats down from me on my right, suddenly exclaimed, 'Yuck! Why does the first glass always taste like crap?' -This is what Restaurant Crystal Clean is all about;
clean, clear, taste. I mean
why spend 50-100 bucks on a bottle of wine, $30-50 for a glass, then wash it with dish soap?"
- David Parker CEO Brentwood Wines
- Portland Oregon

Now enjoy the full flavor and aroma of your wines untainted by off tastes and chemical smells.
Makes any wine taste better in any glass

"We use Restaurant Crystal Clean in all our Riedel Crystal Seminars. We love it! RCC cuts lipstick and even gets rid of red wine stains in our glasses; they really shine. It's a great product that really works."
- Nancy Girard,
Half Moon Bay Wines

"I've been using your product for three years. I wash all my wine glasses with it every night. My favorite thing about Restaurant Crystal Clean is that it doesn't leave a film on my glasses and one swipe with a cotton towel and they're done."
~ Tom - Walnut Creek, CA

Restaurant Crystal Clean is great for all glass surfaces, mirrors, table tops, chandeliers, sculpture, art and collectible glass. Safe for gold-trimmed dishes, & terrific on marble/granite countertops.

Restaurant Crystal Clean
Makes life look better!

"I have a collection of about 200 pieces of expensive art glass. When I first tried RCC on my collection, it was absolutely amazing the brilliance. I can now read the signatures on signed pieces I was never able to before. I have one piece that has myriad subtle colors in it. I'd never before seen the depth and brilliance of the colors in this piece, and I've had this piece twenty years; now it seems almost iridescent.

"RCC's phenomenal on my Italian glazed earthenware too. If you clean your glasses and dishware with other dishwashing soaps and set a table, it looks nice; with Restaurant Crystal Clean, it looks absolutely spectacular.
My friends all rave about it. I think by now they've all bought it. I've tried all the most expensive brands, nothing works like this.
I cannot imagine life without it now.
Whatever you use it on, it's incredible.
RCC just makes life look better."
- Mathilda Murillo, Chicago & Advance, NC


Restaurant Crystal Clean

Leaves nothing in your glass to diminish your enjoyment of your wine. No scent or chemical residues, no film nor streaking.


Remember now there's Flat Rate shipping in the U.S.
Makes a great gift for wine lovers.

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100% guaranteed. Try it risk free for one year. If this isn't the best glass cleaner you've ever used, return it for a full refund

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