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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use Restaurant Crystal Clean in a dishwasher?

A: Yes. Depending on your machine, it it is extremely efficient, due to its ultra concentrated formula you may prefer to think of RCC as a Super Rinse in some machines. In this case for best results we recommend using RCC in the rinse aid dispenser. Rinse aid dispensers meter out a very small amount of liquid which is all you need to get the full benefits of RCC.

Some wineries and winebars with small undercounter machines use it directly into the wash area before washing, about a teaspoon is enough, however there are so many dishwashers with varying degrees of efficiency it may take a little experimentation to determine what's the optimum amount for your machine since RCC is so concentrated.

Large commercial dishwashers can use RCC directly as their main detergent, in which case gallons are available to allow inserting the hose directly into the container. If your machine is super efficent RCC can be diluted 1 part to 2 parts water to reduce sudsing if necessary.

RCC is safe for all dishwashers. RCC contains nothing but plant based renewable natural ingredients that are not corrosive or clogging and will not damage dishwashers.

Q: How do I use Restaurant Crystal Clean for washing my crystal wine glasses by hand?

A: First, one drop per glass of RCC is all you need, really. Whatever you use there are certain basic do's and don'ts. Fine crystal is way better off being washed by hand. Handwashing allows one to thoroughly scrub the glass gently. Do use some kind of wine glass brush, or cotton scrubber. We use an inexpensive sponge on a plastic stick which costs about $3. This has been very satisfactory. One can spend a lot more for cotton terry tools which don't work any better, though they look nicer. Incidently if you've been using one with regular soaps one should wash it several times to get rid of any residual chemicals. Whatever you use, use it only for your wine glasses.

Holding the glasses requires a little thought. Everybody reccommends not holding the glass by the base and twisting it while wiping the bowl, especially when drying. We use one drop of RCC in the bowl of the glass, fill it with very hot water, then insert the scrubber and thoroughly wash the inside of the bowl, while cupping the bowl in our hand.. Then we do the outside, holding the glass by the stem. Then wash the base and the stem, while holding the glass by the bowl. This effectively prevents breaking the stem in a moment of lapsed concentration. We give the outside of the bowl one last wash to remove any fingerprints, while holding the glass by the stem.

Holding the glass properly is even more crucial while drying as the friction of your towel can grab the bowl and put enormous torque on the stem if held by the base. Most crystal stems aren't up to such twisting forces, nor should they be. Many reccomend clean lint free cotton towels, however what do you use to wash your towels with? A host of scents and chemicals can be imparted to your glasses from your towels.

We use plain white unprinted paper towels, specifically Brawny (no they don't pay us for this, [too bad] Bounty are probably good too. Viva while a good towel has a very strong scent and we don't reccommend them for this use.). We never wipe the inside of the bowl as paper towels give off an odor which will affect your wine if you wipe the inside of the bowl with them. We wipe only the outside, and let the inside air dry. If we're using the glasses immediately, we give them several good shakes to flip out any water still clinging to the inside of the bowl.

CAUTION: Do not do with this with Riedel glasses as you will break the stem, as I've found out after breaking my cherished bordeaux glasses. This probably applies to all leaded crystal. With Riedel I suggest either hanging them to air dry, the best method, or setting them on a clean white dish towel upside down to dry.

You can read more about this on our wine glass washing page which you can click to here: Click Here

Q: How can I use Restaurant Crystal Cleaner for other cleaning in my home?

A: The simplest way is to mix one and a half ounces of RCC in a gallon of water. This will give you a spray on, wipe off cleaner that you can use on mirrors, glass figurines, chandeliers, glass sculpture, stainless steel (no streaks or film), marble and granite countertops and glass table tops. You can even use it on the inside of the windshield in your car to remove that sticky film, and put an ounce in your windshield washer resevoir when you refill it and see the difference that makes! It will cut road film. RCC is also great on plastic, computer cases, phones, printers and all office machines. For the screens check out our LCD and laptop safe cleaner at


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