Restaurant Crystal Clean

The all natural wine glass washing liquid   

Used by top California wineries for their wine glasses.


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The Crystal Stem Wash!

Is your soap distorting your wines?

Never taste or smell chemicals
in your wine glasses again!

Now there's a better way...

Restaurant Crystal Clean™

As seen in

The New York Times
The Wine Spectator
The San Francisco Chronicle

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Isn't it worth a penny a washing to have a perfect glass, first time, and every time?

Discover the Difference..

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Washing Wine Glasses,

Cleaning Wine Glasses:

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(also a little wine glass & tasting lore)

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One drop per glass is all you need!
Washes 2200+ Glasses.* 1 Cent Apiece!

Cuts grease, butter, olive oil, finger prints and lipstick. Our unique formula won't etch, pit or cloud your glass; leaves no streaks or film.
Reduces polishing 95%

One 16oz bottle makes 8 Gallons
of the best glass cleaner ever.
You won't believe your eyes!

Your glass will sparkle!
And it's great on stainless steel.

Available at:
Sur La Table
stores nationwide

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Restaurant Crystal Clean™

Leaves nothing in your glass to diminish
your enjoyment of your drinks.



"Restaurant Crystal Clean is shockingly
good. I mean you think, a soap, how
good could it be? I was actually shocked,
it's so incredibly good. We've tried everything, RCC is the best glass cleaner ever. It's great for every kind of glass. And of course all my wine glasses look absolutely fabulous. My girlfriends are so jealous I hate to tell them my secret."
~ Lisa Ballecero
- Gracious Home, NYC

More Testimonials:

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"Many of our customers use RCC for art glass, glass sculpture , collector glass. Several glass artists use it on
their own pieces in their ateliers
and at their shows."
- Ted Hansen, Customer Service

Wine Glass Cleaning,

Wine Glass Washing:

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(also a little wine glass & tasting lore)


Our Philosophy
We do business the way we
want business done with us.
We often buy online; what do we like?

Free UPS Shipping. Secure Ordering.
An Unconditional Guarantee.
So we give you that.

One of our favorite comments we hear:
"I love your product. It works just as you say."

This is another we frequently hear:
"It's good to know that there are companies like yours who still believe in great customer service."

"We'd rather lose money on a sale,
than have a dissatisfied customer."
- Douglas Savage ~ CEO


Perfect looking glassware every time..

What if you could wash your wine glasses
with the same liquid used by top wineries?

~ Now you can..

Enjoy pure green 'plantpower' for
taste & odor-free wine glass cleaning.

And for only a penny per washing!




The Gourmet's Choice
for Wine Glass

No film. No odor. No bitter tastes.

Reduces polishing 95%

100% Biodegradable

Make it your choice.

Your glassware will glow!

Have you ever picked up a supposedly clean glass and
seen a cloudy film or smelled a funky chemical odor in it?

Have you ever seen a guest hide a wince at the first sip?

It's all about the glass!

A truly fresh glass has no bitter tastes or off odors to mask or taint your wines' flavors & aromas, and no film to mar its crystal shine.

That is to say, it's really all about purity in your glass.

Restaurant Crystal Clean leaves nothing in your glasses
to diminish your enjoyment of your wine or crystal.
And it makes washing wine glasses perfectly, so easy!

Riedel, Spiegelau, Schott Zweisel, Baccarat & Waterford crystal
all deserve the best wine glass washing liquid.

Great wine glasses are about bringing out each and every nuance of flavor & aroma, our winemakers craft into our wines. Rigorously designed, for our ultimate enjoyment, truly great wine glasses are what we use to enjoy every last drop of our favorite wines. Don't ruin your fun with ordinary soap.

Why buy the absolute best glassware then use
ordinary clening products to clean them?

Isn't it worth less than a penny a washing to
experience cleaning wine glasses perfectly, and
tasting your wines as your winemaker intended?

RCC is perfect for cleaning crystal decanters.

This unique, all-natural, plant-based formula won't etch, pit or cloud your glasses, and leaves no chemical, scent, or soap residues behind. RCC removes grease, butter, olive oil, red wine stains, and lipstick.

Makes any wine taste better in any glass. Try it!

These famous American wineries use it every day.
They love it because it works!

Pine Ridge, Jordan, Ridge Montebello Vineyards,
Araujo Estate, Ridge Lytton Springs, Woodenhead,
Kenwood, Rodney Strong, Alexander Valley,
BR Cohn, & other fine wineries use RCC,
Shouldn't you?

Discover the Difference..

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If you're not satisfied for any reason, at any time during the year, we will cheerfully refund your money and you may keep the balance
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This is a great wine lovers gift!

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5ml pocket or purse sized packets.

Try it now, you will be amazed.

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100% guaranteed.
RCC is made only from plant derived ingredients. Contains
no petroleum-based nor synthetic products & no VOCs,
(Volatile Organic Compounds).
Colorless, Odorless & Fragrance free.

100% Biodegradable


A miracle for all your glass!

"Restaurant Crystal Clean will change your life.
It's wonderful; I can't imagine life without it now."
- Mathilda Murillo, Chicago & North Carolina

Great for all glasses.
Perfect for antique glass and sculpture.
Safe for ceramics, painted earthenware,
Gold trimmed dishware and chandeliers.
Terrific on marble and granite counter tops.
Fantastic on all jewelry; diamonds actually glow!

Leaves no streaks or chemical residues.
Cuts fingerprints, smudges, oils, and dust.
Glass & other surfaces stay cleaner longer.
No harsh solvents to attack your glass.
No petroleum products. No phosphates.

All plant based active ingredients.
100% Biodegradable

Makes a Unique Gift for Wine Lovers
and Glass Collectors

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FLAT RATE Shipping!

Buy two, three, or more and save.

Try RCC for one year with no Risk to you.
If you're not satisfied for any reason, at any time during the year, we will cheerfully refund your money and you may keep the balance with our compliments.
(77 % of our online retail customers are repeat buyers!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

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There's no product better for cleaning Riedel Crystal, Spiegelau,
Schott Zwiesel Tritan, Waterford, Steuben and Baccarat crystal.

RCC was created by a wine lover for wine lovers.

It has come to our attention that some people
seeing our product think that it's a 'gimmick'.
We don't blame them. With so many products
promising the moon, then not delivering, who
wouldn't be skeptical? We certainly are..

So we offer an unconditional guarantee:
You are satisfied or your money back.
Period. And that includes shipping.
You can even keep the product,
with our compliments.


Try it today. It's risk free.

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Remember there's flat rate shipping.
And our love it or it's free guarantee.


RCC protects your glassware!

Have you ever had 'cloudy' glasses?

Don't trash your glasses in tough times..

Ordinary detergents leach silica out of wine glasses and decanters causing them to look cloudy. However this 'cloudiness' is actually a microscopic scale deposited on the surface of the glass and is not removable. RCC can not remove this scale from glasses already so damaged.

RCC is uniquely formulated to prevent this, and

Your glassware will glow!

Tired of fighting to get your glasses clean?

Buffing & polishing each glass for minutes
just to get the semblance of a shine?

Tired of bitter tastes, funky odors?

Expecting great things from your wines?
Then find them flat, fruitless, odd or just so-so?

Perhaps it's your dish soap.

Wouldn't you prefer to wash your glasses
with the same liquid that top wineries like
Ridge Montebello, Pine Ridge, Jordan, and
Beaulieu Vineyards use to wash their glasses?
To show off their wines at their very best?

Now you can! Order Restaurant Crystal Clean™
You will be amazed!

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Try it risk free!

What does your favorite winery use
in their tasting room?

These wineries use
Restaurant Crystal Clean
Shouldn't you?

Ridge Lytton Springs Vineyards

Ridge Monte Bello Vineyards

Firesteed Vineyards

Beaulieu Vineyards

Domaine Carneros

Caymus Vineyards

Palmaz Vineyards

Pasos Vineyards

Araujo Estate


Bonny Doon

Lazy Creek








Elk Cove



Kendall Jackson

"We love RCC. It's the best!"
-Meghan Burns
Crush Wines, NYC

"Best new wine shop 2005"
-Food & Wine Magazine

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Are you a super taster?

Read the Yale University study results on
Super Tasters, Average Tasters and Non Tasters:

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The world's finest wine glass washing liquid.

When you use Restaurant Crystal Clean™ the gold standard of wine glass washing liquids, that others can only strive to imitate, you'll be using the finest wine glass cleaning liquid in the world.

"The Gourmet's Choice."

Designed specifically for Riedel Crystal,
RCC makes any wine taste better in any glass.

And if you invest in great wine glasses, like
Riedel Crystal, to bring out the best in your
wines, you'll discover hidden treasures in
your glass, when its remarkably designed
properties are not diminished or masked by unpleasant smells and bitter chemical residues, left behind by inferior washing products.

Imagine the appreciative looks of your guests when they experience the full measure of the flavor and aromas of the wines you serve.

Imagine a dinner where every sip of your wine lushly expands in your mouth with generous beams of bold flavors, sumptuous fruit, rich ground-notes of barrel aging and the wonderful nuances good wine glasses are capable of revealing to you from a pristinely clean glass.

Imagine tasting the clean lean flavors of many white wines and reds, untainted by funky odors and bitter tastes that mask great winemaking.

If you're a woman, your friends will be jealous when they see what spectacular table settings you create with all your glassware glowing.

And what if the product that does all this, not only leaves your wine glasses pristine and pure, but virtually eliminates repetitive polishing?

If you're an avid wine drinker, making a small
investment in the best possible wine glass soap,
is an investment that will pay many dividends.

And you will love the way your guests enjoy
the wines you serve when they experience
so much sensual mouth filling flavor and aroma
at your next dinner party or private tete a tete.

Professionals in the wine glass trade swear
by our product. Professionals in the wine and food trade endorse RCC with no reservations.

(and while we're on the subject, there's a
reason top wineries use RCC, It works.™)







* main photo courtesy GUMP'S San Francisco



Courtesy Gilmor Glass Atelier

One ultra concentrated 16 oz bottle
of RCC washes 2200+ wine glasses.*

Over 2400 wine glasses by machine.
16oz only 21.95 including shipping.
Just a penny per glass!

Makes a great year round gift for wine lovers.

Buy two, three, or more and save.
Buy two, save 14%..
buy three, save 25%..

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And Discover the Difference..

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Unfortunately, due to shipping
cost increases we're no longer able
to discount single bottle purchases.

100% guaranteed. Try it without Risk 1 year .
If you're not satisfied for any reason, at any time during the year, we will cheerfully refund your money and you may keep the bottle with our compliments.

It's especially good for cleaning decanters.
Decanter cleaning with RCC is easy & safe.

Washing wine glasses properly will improve your wine tasting experience incomaparably!

The Mill River Company

If you'd prefer to speak to a human directly,
please call 1-413-229-8850
(We'll try to be human.)

Restaurant Glass Washing:

Wholesale and Restaurant accounts call
Ted Hansen 413 229 8850 or email:

Comments or suggestions?
We would like to hear from you.
Send us an email.**
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* 2200 wine glasses,(actually 2280),at one drop per glass, we actually measured it at the request of one of our distributors in 2005, before that we said 'a six month supply'. Obviously 2200 is way more than a six month supply. If you wash two glasses a night a bottle will last 3.3 years.

So celebrate more, have guests over, throw dinner parties, and use it for other things, like stainless steel, marble & granite countertops and don't forget decanter cleaning! Bon appetit!




"RCC is really incredible stuff!"

"I was quite skeptical at first, I thought it was a gimmick, now it's all I use. My wines have never tasted better. Its gotten rid of red wine stains in my fine crystal, yet it's mild enough for my gold- trimmed dishware. It even got rid of the milkiness on my Brown Jordan glass patio table top, it looks like new. I even use it on the black marble counters in my kitchen, which now practically glow!"
- Ellie Mitchell Riedel Crystal Director

West Coast Winery Sales (ret.)


"I wasn't trying to start a business,
I only wanted to clean my glasses!"

If soap splotched glasses are a sore for the eyes, imagine what an affront to the senses when residual dish soap taints the taste of a fine glass of wine.

From sommeliers to kichen connoisseurs, appreciating wine's character can be an un-paralleled pleasure. Enjoying the subtleties of a good bottle, however, depends on a tasting experience devoid of outside influences, most of all the bitter twinge of detergent residues.

Now a Berkshire entrepreneur has devised a solution. He wasn't thinking of business when he invented Restaurant Crystal Clean, just perfectly cleaning wine glasses, but the popularity of his glass-purifying liquid has propelled his little company into the ranks of national success.

One 16-ounce bottle holds enough of this ultra- concentrated all-natural cleaner to wash 2,200 glasses, and using it in a handwash basin or a dish washer can extend it's life even longer

"The real joy of the product lies in what it leaves behind in your glass: Nothing. No bitterness, no odor, no film, no aftertaste whatsoever. And it does a really fabulous job of cleaning crystal.

Our customers rave about RCC. Every time I get off the phone with one of my customers I say, 'I love my customers!' They're so enthusiastic and devoted. And devoted to wine tasting. The irony is I never got such unqualified raves for my films, as I do for Restaurant Crystal Clean Wine Glass & Crystal cleaner."
- Douglas Savage, CEO
The Mill River Company

More Testimonials:

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Specially Formulated!
Over two years of formulating and testing went into Restaurant Crystal Clean™. It's non-toxic and completely bio-degradable, manufactured to exacting standards, in a small New England family-owned factory from the highest quality
all natural plant-derived materials. RCC is water based, nonflammable, & contains no alcohol, solvents, phosphates, petrol- based, or harsh ingredients & gives off no VOCs

Order Here

100% guaranteed. Try RCC for 1 year Risk Free.
If you're not satisfied for any reason, at any time during the year, we will cheerfully refund your money and you may keep the balance with our compliments.





Courtesy Gartner/Blade Glass Studio




"Highly recommended. These are great
resources for wine lovers."
- Douglas Savage CEO

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